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We've had the park since Feb, 2001 and at all times we are endeavouring to make your stay increasingly comfortable and memorable as possible.

When acquiring Riverlodge Tourist Village we undertook what we believe to be the fundamental responsibility of anyone in this hospitality industry and that is "Life's too short for a bad holiday". May the weather be kind and the catch plentiful.

Hello and a warm welcome to you from all of us here at Riverlodge. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here with us, as well as taking in all the beautiful attractions that the Hastings area has to offer. Please find some complimentary refreshments in the fridge on your arrival. We know how travelling can be a tiring business.

If you have arrived here without fishing gear and you would like to try your luck at the riverside angling don't hesitate to ask at the shop during opening hours for a lend of a line.

Chris Willmott


340 Blackmans Point Rd Blackmans Point NSW 2444 (near Port Macquarie)

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